PSC-3210 Sequencer

Product introduction

Power Sequencer With DJ Lights

Technical Parameters:
Maximum switching voltage:AC240V
Channel maximum output load< 30A
RS232 communication connector:DB9FM
Operating temperature range:-20°~70°

█ 8 high-current controlled power output, 2 USB Interfaces and DJ Light supported,the maximum current is 30A per channel
█ Panel is with air-break switch and manual control button for each channel, power indicator, switch status, and relay switch status indicaor
█ With simultaneously management for manual and central control or computer software, one key switch through the panel, you can turn off channels as sequencer, achieve sequencer function
█ Use multifunctional power socket. Compatible with international, American, European Standard, and a variety of specifications two-pin power plug, without additional conversion plug
█ Open protocols and connectors, via RS-232 international standard protocol control, can match with all the intelligent central control system or computer software control on the market
█ Standard 19-inch rack 1.5U slim design
█ Can choose to add filter
█ Max link function:255 Pcs

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